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Welcome to the home page of the Water Resources Group in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the Pennsylvania State University.  These links below serve as an introduction the faculty and students of the WRE group and to our research and teaching activities.
What is WRE?  Water resources is an important sub-discipline of civil engineering that includes hydraulic engineering, surface water and groundwater hydrology, water resources systems analysis,contaminant transport and environmental fluid mechanics.  Common to all of these areas of study is the goal of understanding the physical processes responsible for the distribution of water in natural and engineered environments.  The main motivation is that, in a world of ever-increasing population and industrialization, our relationships with the water environment surrounding us are of increasing significance.

Our graduates go on to exciting and successful careers working for universities, consulting firms, local, state, and federal governmental agencies, and national research laboratories.  Contact us to learn more about WRE and where it can take you.

Harleman Lecture
In 2002, The Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering instituted the annual Donald R.F. Harleman Honorary Lecture in Environmental Fluid Mechanics.  Dr. Harleman (B.S., PSU, 1943) was awarded the Penn State Outstanding Alumni Award in 1979 and was named a Penn State Alumni Fellow in 1987.  He is a Ford Emeritus Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and is a member of the National Academy.

The yearly lecture is intended to enrich the faculty and students in the Water Resources Division of Penn State's CEE Department by providing contact with outstanding researchers and practitioners in the field from outside the university.

Dr. Joseph Reed, Professor Emeritus of Civil Engineering at Penn State provided the initial grant to establish this honorary lecture series.  Additional tax-deductible contributions may be made by individuals or organizations wishing to help endow the series.