Useful Links


MPI learning resources
MPI tutorials, ANL
MPI courses
MPI performance topics

PAWS prerequisites
Execution only
Matlab Compiler Runtime (for mx and mat interfaces)

Model building (PRISM)
Matlab with mapping toolbox

Code development
Compilers and Debugging environment:
a) Windows setup: Intel Fortran Compiler, MS VisualStudio, Matlab with mapping toolbox
b) Linux setup: gfortran, emacs (initialization script), gdb, matlab
(Optional:) totalview, intel parallel studio (free), valgrind (PAWS suppression file), DDT, git

ArcGIS learning materials. Some tutorials:
What is GIS? and what is ArcGIS?
What are map projections?
What is shapefiles?
What is raster data?
What is geoprocessing?
Some videos:

High performance packages
PETSc (dev)


Matlab tutorials
Available in my course ANGEL page

Computational hydrology and Reactive transport Lab @ MSU
Applied Numerical Algorithms Group @ LBL
Earth Science Division @ LBL
PSU resources
monitor course availability

PSU Water Resources Courses

CE Graduate program (and handbooks)
Some PSU external courses relevant to our work (thou cannot take all these):
MATH 552: Numerical Solution to PDEs
MATH 550: Numerical Linear Algebra
CSE 557: Concurrent Matrix Computation
CMPSC 450: Concurrent Scientific Programming
AERSP 424: Advanced Computer Programming
STAT 500: Applied Statistics
IST (STAT) 557: Data Mining I
GEOG 463: Geospatial Information Management
CMPSC 455 (MATH 455): Introduction to Numerical Analysis I
GEOG 412W Climatic Change and Variability
IST 597D: Big Data Fundamentals
STAT 515: Stochastic Processes and Monte Carlo Methods
E E 560: Probability, Random Variables, and Stochastic Processes
M E 523: Numerical Solutions Applied to Heat Transfer and Fluid Mechanics Problems